Hi everyone. Today I found a great article in the Business.com that I know many of you will enjoy reading or possibly relate to. The original article can be found here - http://www.business.com/careers/5-guidelines-for-entrepreneurs-to-build-a-strong-digital-footprint/   - if you’d like to read the article there, or I’ve pasted parts of it here to share it. It’s well worth a read.

It’s not a huge surprise that most professional and business connections today are made online.

The old ways of correspondence, advertising and communication are things of the past. However, networking is still just as important.

Modern entrepreneurs need to network and to be able to create intrigue and influence via the Internet.

To do so means they must form a strong digital footprint. Without one, their success is greatly stunted.

You may have an excellent business plan or a profound idea. However, without a solid online presence, you will find it a struggle to remain current and connected.

The process takes time and dedication, and for beginners, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Check out the following five tips and use them as a guide to start building your own robust digital footprint today.

Step 1: Create a Detailed Linkedin Profile

One of the first things you should do as an entrepreneur is create a LinkedIn profile.

The site acts as a resume builder and social networking platform and is one of the best ways to begin networking with people.

You can search for connections in your industry and even get in touch with recruiters who regularly use the site to scout new talent.

It’s become the go-to site for any business and it’s the number one must have for any successful entrepreneur today.

Step 2: Create a Blog or Website

It’s easy to set up a free website or blog nowadays, and it’s imperative for anyone who wants to succeed in the world of business.

Sites like Wordpress allow users to create attractive and cohesive blogs and sites that can be customized in and endless amount of ways.

This is where you should demonstrate your knowledge and perspective not just list your previous accomplishments or employment.

You want it to be free of errors and honest. Use it to showcase your skills and connect with fellow entrepreneurs.

Step 3: Create (Or Use Current) Social Media Accounts Wisely

Social media has made communication and sharing information quick, easy and more accessible than ever before.

However, this also means more of your personal life is out there for everyone to see. Keep business and personal things separate by double-checking your security settings.

Be sure only you are in control of your content. Potential investors, employers and partners will search everywhere and research your background.

Be careful and pay attention to what you post on social media sites.

Step 4: Check Out the Competition

Once you have your online profiles and websites in place, it’s time to check out what’s happening in your market niche and industry.

You need to research trends, influencers and other successful individuals. Watch what they are doing in order to learn and improve upon your findings.

Look for a target audience and find “your people”. To offer original and innovative ideas, you need to know what’s already been done, what people are talking about and what consumers want.

Step 5: Do All of the Above Consistently

No matter how busy or scatterbrained you feel, find the time to be persistent. A successful and accomplished entrepreneur will have to do all of the above on a regular basis to build an adequate digital footprint.

Once your LinkedIn profile is complete, do not just let it sit idle. Use it and all of your other tools (website, blog and social media) to your advantage.

Tweak and update your profiles as needed and write new and engaging blog posts. Find a system that works for you and stick to it.

To succeed in today’s world of business an entrepreneur needs to be proactive with their brand’s online presence.

Cultivating a digital footprint takes time, but it’s no longer an added bonus, it’s a necessary element to have.

Many entrepreneurs live busy lives and it’s understandable that the process can become overwhelming. Don’t sweep it under the rug; use it to your advantage.

Remain focused and motivated and begin building your own online mark today. Use this list as your guide.

Check each item off the list daily and watch as your digital footprint begins to grow.


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