Hi everyone. Today I found a great article in the Chron that I know many of you will enjoy reading or possibly relate to. The original article can be found here - http://smallbusiness.chron.com/maximize-linkedin-profile-81711.html - if you’d like to read the article there, or I’ve pasted parts of it here to share it. It’s well worth a read.

The social networking site LinkedIn lets you flaunt your education and career achievements. Whether applying for a new job or simply connecting with other professionals who share similar interests, you can maximize all aspects of your profile. LinkedIn provides you with tools to help you highlight essential tidbits about yourself to bolster your professional image.

Complete Background

The "Edit Profile" page presents you with a range of options to fill-in, including basic details like your contact information and more specific nuggets like honors and awards. Providing as many details as possible makes for a more robust profile that helps viewers better gauge your professional abilities. Upload a formal head shot, rather than a snapshot, to complete your basic LinkedIn profile.

Active Profile

Post updates to your profile periodically to show your LinkedIn connections that you're active in the professional social network. The idea is to impress your connections with quality information such as tips or news articles related to your niche. These types of posts confirm that you really do have knowledge in the profession indicated in your profile.

Building Your Network

Other LinkedIn members may not take your profile seriously if you have too few connections or too many random connections. Having a network consisting of people you actually know improves your credibility. Plus, those in your network can endorse certain skills you have so that interested members can find out what others think about you.

Expanding Your Presence

LinkedIn is more than just a professional social networking site. It's a vibrant community where members can interact through LinkedIn groups. Joining groups that match your interests or skills and interacting with members is a good way to expand your presence beyond the people to whom you are connected. You also can add links to other social networking sites, websites and blogs you manage to engage current and potential connections.

This author seems to write some great stuff and well worth following.

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