Hi everyone. Thought you might be interested in this article. I am sure that many of you will relate to the content and get something useful out of it. I have included a few of the highlights here… what’s your take on the subject?

Social media is one of those tools that experts all agree should be utilized, but can never agree on exactly how. Advice for campaigns are becoming increasingly numbers based, and that makes it confusing. They claim there is a magic formula of analytics, but you’d have to be part computer to really understand it.

I have a secret to let you in on: the numbers aren’t real. Not when it comes to having the “right” tactics and percentages to make social media marketing work. The truth is that it is a combination of factors, strategies, and often blind luck that leads to a successful social media marketing campaign. Of course, most marketers don’t want you to know that a fair chunk of their efforts before finding the right combo failed.

But that happens to all of us, and when it comes to social media, it is especially hard to find the right formula. Ultimately, these are the more tried and true tips for boosting sales on social platforms.

Remember the golden rule: social profiles lead generators. Visibility and engagement are your aims, if you want to make those sales.

Don’t Get Discouraged

This is the number one tip, and while it might seem like common sense, it is violated more often than it is maintained. You are going to have dry spells when it comes to engagement, at least until you have created an insanely active social profile (which takes a lot of time). If you get discouraged and stop posting, that is never going to change.

Don’t feel like you are wasting your time just because your post only gets a few likes. Others will end up with thousands. Consistency is key when it comes to any social marketing.

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