Hi everyone. Today I found a great article in the LeadCrunch that I know many of you will enjoy reading or possibly relate to. The original article can be found here - http://blog.leadcrunch.com/how-to-generate-b2b-business-leads-through-linkedin- if you’d like to read the article there, or I’ve pasted parts of it here to share it. It’s well worth a read.

LinkedIn is the single best social media network in the B2B sales arena. And the numbers back this up because 64% of all corporate traffic goes through this platform. You would be foolish to not have a tailor-made strategy for this platform.

If you don’t know how to use LinkedIn to generate sales leads fast, this guide is going to show you how to do it.

Create a LinkedIn Group with a Twist

The single most powerful tool on LinkedIn is the ability to make a group. Your group name should be something that clearly provides value to your prospect. Make sure you are immediately giving them a reason to join. In the group name, you should provide a unique selling point, as long as it isn’t too long.

Moving onto the description, everything should be about what they can get out of joining this group. You always have to bear in mind that your sales leads have no interest in you. All they care about is the value you can offer them. If that also allows you to make a sale, so be it, but the average B2B lead couldn’t care less about your needs.

The Secret to Finding the Right Prospects

Now your LinkedIn group is ready to go, you can’t just sit back and expect people to join. You have to go out of your way to find your prospects and make your group grow. LinkedIn only allows you to join 50 at one time, so make sure that you are choosing only the biggest and best groups in the beginning.

The right prospects will be waiting for you in that group, but first of all you should filter them. Go into the various member lists and filter them based on anything you want, such as job title, industry, or CEOs. Within minutes, you can have a list of targeted prospects from every group.

This is the list of people you will start by targeting.

Using a Personalized Invite

LinkedIn tries to make the invitation process easier by writing a default message when you first open the contact box. Every time this happens you should delete that default text because it only demonstrates that you don’t really care about adding that person to your group.

Generic invites are blatantly obvious and will sully your good reputation. Your invites must be personalized and they have to be aimed at the specific person. And when it comes to a personalized invite it must be based on the information you already know about that person.

Anything you have in common is always a bonus. There are plenty of LinkedIn templates online to make this process faster. Here are the three aspects you should have in every LinkedIn invite:

HOW – You should explain to them how you came across them in the first place. It can be just by telling them you found them in the LinkedIn group you pulled their details from.

WHY – This is where you need to promote the value of your group. Make sure your unique selling point features heavily. Make it clear that by joining your group they are going to get something from it. Once again, bear in mind that they don’t care about you.

ASK – At the end of the message, you should ask whether they want to join your group. It’s a psychological thing that your needs are addressed only at the very end. Their needs are taking priority.

It Takes Time

This is something that will take much more time to accomplish than it normally would to build up a group, but this can lead to incredible results because you are building up relationships from the start. Most of the time, you will receive the same personalized response from them.

Once you have two parties in a relationship sending personalized responses to each other, you have already set the scene for marketing your eCommerce business.

When Should You Start Selling?

Your B2B sales approach should involve selling immediately. This doesn’t mean that you have to throw a huge sales pitch at them as soon as they join the group. Move into it subtly by asking them about their business and what challenges they are facing. Then you can start offering some unsolicited advice.

As the conversation advances, target their pain points and explain how your product or service could help them make everything easier.

The key to these relationships is to make everything about them. Even your sales pitch revolves around them and their needs. It creates the idea that you are there to help them not simply to milk them for a few dollars. Remember that many business customers are extremely resistant to salespeople.

This author seems to write some great stuff and well worth following.

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