Hi everyone. Today I found a great article in the efolder that I know many of you will enjoy reading or possibly relate to. The original article can be found here - http://www.efolder.net/blog/4-ways-blogging-via-linkedin-increases-brand-awareness/ - if you’d like to read the article there, or I’ve pasted parts of it here to share it. It’s well worth a read.

In this day and age, it is undeniable that online marketing efforts are crucial to building a successful brand. Business owners have everything they need at their fingertips to be able to build an online presence for their company; the tricky thing is knowing how to expertly use these tools to maximize their exposure.

The first and most important social media tool that business owners should be utilizing is LinkedIn. Not only can you use this as a resource to recruit employees, generate leads, network with peers, and display all of your valuable work experience, but with long form publishing available to all members, free of charge, you can also share blog posts with your entire network. Here are four ways LinkedIn’s blogging feature can help increase your online presence:

1. Improve brand visibility

By sharing your blog posts on LinkedIn, you have the potential of reaching 330 million professionals, since its long form publishing feature does not restrict your shares to your immediate network. To ensure that your blog post reaches the right audience, you can apply three unique and relevant “tags.” These tags will match your article with keywords used by your audience, which in turn places it directly into their newsfeeds. Publishing your posts on LinkedIn is a very easy and affordable way to increase your online exposure and improve brand visibility.

2. Establish Thought Leadership

Starting a blog for your business gives you the opportunity to demonstrate real thought leadership in your industry. A well-written blog post will make prospects and current clients confident that the services they buy from you are created using industry expertise. It’s also important to mention that another key step in becoming an authentic thought leader in your industry is to leave promotion at the door; promoting yourself too obviously can seriously undermine your credibility as an industry expert. You have the potential of reaching hundreds of millions of professionals if you blog via LinkedIn, and if done right, could lead to improved lead generation and more exciting recruitment opportunities

3. Engagement with Your Network

Although LinkedIn is considered a platform for business professionals, at its core, it is a social media site. The main point of leveraging LinkedIn is for interacting with people within your industry, whether it be to gain more business, seek out ventures, look for new opportunities, or recruit the best talent. Please keep in this in mind: You get out of it what you put into it. Blogging through LinkedIn not only shows that you are active on the site, but also that you care about what’s going on in your industry. Anyone who sees your post is able to “like,” comment, and share. These interactions can spark totally new conversations and debates right there in the comment thread. Healthy engagement with your network is a definite way to get your brand noticed.

4. Expand Your Network with New Connections

The professionals that pay attention to what is going on in their industry will appreciate your helpful and consistent insight, and therefore will be more inclined to connect with you. This could lead to connections with their colleagues and peers, and so on. Another way LinkedIn blogging could expand your network is by one of your own peers sharing your blog posts.

Blogging via LinkedIn is the easiest, surefire way to get your brand and business in front of countless new professionals within your industry. LinkedIn’s blogging platform does not require any technical set-up or know-how, so publishing your insights couldn’t be easier. The vast network of professionals you could potentially reach creates tremendous opportunity for your business, and by demonstrating credible thought leadership through blogging, that opportunity is yours for the taking.

This author seems to write some great stuff and well worth following.

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